Monday, January 16, 2012

I is saddened

Mr. Villain

I think this blog is beyond saving already.
I don't feel like blogging much anymore which has various reasons actually. One being that I just don't feel like I'm doing anything worthy looking at anymore. I'm sad about it and I really want to continue drawing and practise it more. Just... It's like I don't know how to go about it anymore. It's not only about the time. Even when I have time on my hands my minds just about going blank and every thought of picking up a pen just seems so hard.
I don't have anymore motivation to continue this. The reason I wanted, like forever, to do a joint blog was because I knew that at some point I'd grow too lazy and unproductive to do it alone. And while this is supposed to be a joint blog it certainly doesn't feel like it anymore. I don't want to push the blame on my blog partner. The fault lies with me, I know that.
Furthermore I see the blog's followers slighty increase even tho it's already so dead in here and I feel guilty about it. While I'm proud that in our big times we managed to even reach such a high number of followers I feel like I'm disappointed everyone now.
After over two years that this blog's been part of my life I really don't want to close it down. It's just that I don't know how to continue either. ._.

And I'm sorry for being so sentimental about this and dumping my thoughts here. orz