Monday, January 16, 2012

I is saddened

Mr. Villain

I think this blog is beyond saving already.
I don't feel like blogging much anymore which has various reasons actually. One being that I just don't feel like I'm doing anything worthy looking at anymore. I'm sad about it and I really want to continue drawing and practise it more. Just... It's like I don't know how to go about it anymore. It's not only about the time. Even when I have time on my hands my minds just about going blank and every thought of picking up a pen just seems so hard.
I don't have anymore motivation to continue this. The reason I wanted, like forever, to do a joint blog was because I knew that at some point I'd grow too lazy and unproductive to do it alone. And while this is supposed to be a joint blog it certainly doesn't feel like it anymore. I don't want to push the blame on my blog partner. The fault lies with me, I know that.
Furthermore I see the blog's followers slighty increase even tho it's already so dead in here and I feel guilty about it. While I'm proud that in our big times we managed to even reach such a high number of followers I feel like I'm disappointed everyone now.
After over two years that this blog's been part of my life I really don't want to close it down. It's just that I don't know how to continue either. ._.

And I'm sorry for being so sentimental about this and dumping my thoughts here. orz


  1. don't shut it down ;O; I love this blog! Really, it kept me up for such a long time, because I'm also very lazy and saw how much you draw and how much you improved ;O;! It gave me the guts to go on too and to work on myself even more! I know this feeling you discribed very well and I think it's normal. Live get's stressfull and this takes away creativity. It's just normal this way and I think a lot of people are challenging the same issue, but is'nt drawing something you really loved? I know what it's like to stare at a blank paper and nothing comes to your mind, not a single thing at all. Even if there is time. But I think this is just a thing you have to go through and it will become better when some time passes by!
    I also had those Art Blocks A LOT lately and I know that it is hard to get up and draw and afterwards maybe you even think that the stuff you drew was'nt worth the work you put into it but then on other days there will be things that you really like and which are "worth" every stroke you made >.< just do'nt give it up! ;O;

  2. sie hat recht, mir gehts auch grad so ähnlich wo ich nurnoch dnek "ach, lass es doch einfach"
    musst dich ja nicht verpflichtet fühlen etwas hochzuladen es macht nichts wenn du selten was hochlädst irgendwann kommt ne zeit wo du total kreativ bist udn auch mehr zeit hast
    aber naja ist deine entscheidung :)

  3. Nein Rain es ist meine Schuld! ; - ; Sry, weil ich so unproduktiv, unkreativ etc bin... Ich krieg im moment auch nichts mehr gezeichnet und hab grad mit einigen Problemen zu kämpfen. Ich find auch i-wie noch kaum Zeit dazu und selbst wenn ich was zeichne, wirds i-wie shice... Tut mir Leid. Ich finde du malst sehr schön und ich bin sicher, dass du bestimmt bald wieder Lust am zeichnen findest. Das ist nur weil ich ewig nichts mehr gepostet habe... ;__; sry