Wednesday, October 26, 2011

girls all the way

I feel like drawing girls lately. BOOBZ.

There was a hugh group collab in Nikos Paintchat this weekend. And some talented ppl drew this background and I was tempted to contribute something. So I tried the witch at the top. One-Layer-Drawing, I suck at and it was lat at night.

I'm no good at creating female OCs. Collab with Darling.

FFF such a cutie. ;u;

And here's Shark again. As a Shinx...Master. lol

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sketchbook Junk

I finally got down to scan some sh*t from my sketchbook. This is Shark. I couldn't really remember his clothes because it's been so long. So I changed it a little, apparantly.

Nezumi & Sion from No. 6. I just love the series. They're so cute together. ;U;
Errr. I tried to draw Vincent but I had no idea what he looked like. Neither his clothes if he had any. So he turned out kinda naked and kinda someone else.

Iwan, my fire-breather OC. He got spamed by Ais. :U
And idk what this is. Never finished it. So yeah.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

How soon is now

I has stuff!
Eyepatches are kinda hard to draw. No wonder I never draw Nates. Fff. :'D
NEZUMI. ;u; Much love to No. 6!
I failed this one but I have nothing better to upload. Just want to let my love out.
Maybe I'll scan some pages of my sketchbook tomorrow/next week.